It’s our passion to present God’s Truth in every form available. In John 8:32 we are told, “… the truth will set you free” (NIV), “… the truth shall make you free” (KJV). At CLC, the Word of God, the Truth of God, is clearly, continually presented and it is our absolute standard for our lives.

A concise report; brief outline; small and compact; short and summarized: a capsule report.

“Capsule" is a group of recordings with an obvious idiom: messages we’ve taught in full-length, presented in very brief form (less than 13 minutes), giving the essence, the heart of the message, to set and make people free.

“Capsules” are being planned; please return to enjoy and engage in God’s Truth in this innovative form often. It’s our hope that the Truth of God will liberate you!

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