Life Electives

Wed, February 1, 2012

WELCOME TO “LIFE” ON WEDNESDAYS! We Welcome You To Enjoy Two "Life" Expressions: 1) LIFE ELECTIVES! (Season One) 7:00 PM 7 SESSIONS “ANCHORS” Pastor Gregory Hickman Fellowship Hall In our busy, turbulent, often stormy “waters of life,” we need ANCHORS. Anchors to stabilize, affording us support and stability. Are you HUNGRY? Hungry to have a better understanding of Him and really what the Bible truly teaches? The Four Anchors [SALVATION, HOLY SPIRIT, HEALING, END TIMES] will speak directly that HUNGER and ANCHOR you firmly in Him! JAMES: “STRAIGHT TALK, NO SUGAR ADDED!” Pastor Dave Anderson Pastoral Conference Room ~Upstairs This will be an in-depth study on the book of James. We will be focusing on the culture and people James wrote to, and how this short but straight forward letter still addresses us today. Special Feature! Meals Together! 7:00 – 7:15 PM Bring Your Favorite “Finger Food” … We’ll Enjoy Fellowship With Each Other … Always Good! JOIN US FOR “LIFE!”